Wedding Hat Etiquette

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The do's and don't of how to wear a hat as a wedding guest...


  • CHECK THE DRESS CODE for the wedding you're attending. Many Brides will specify colours of themes. Traditionally you shouldn't wear white if the bride is wearing white. However with a Bride choosing a more alternative syle there may be a request not to wear black or other colours. 
  • CHOOSE A HAT YOU'RE COMFORTABLE WITH. You're likely to be wearing the hat for most of the day so it needs to be something you're comfortable with. A milliner will be able to work with you to create the prefect hat that suits your face shape, height, frame and compliments your outfit. As a rule of thumb if you are tall, you should avoid tall hats which will enlongate you and instead go for hats with wider brims. If you are on the shorter side you should avoid large hats which will create the mushroom effect and go for something more structured such as a headpiece or hatinator.
  • Did you know it is considered rude to show the lining of your hat? Take care when removing your hat to ensure only the outside remains visible.
  • The Mother of the Bride traditionally dictates when you can remove your hat or headpiece. Until she removes her hat, guests are expected to keep theirs on.



The beautiful Fiona wears a bespoke Mother of the Bride hat in natural and pink shades of sinimay with handmade floral detail and a duo of quill feathers, by Off With Her Head Millinery.

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